Monday, January 31, 2011

The Woes of Packing Light

Advice: Pack everything you think you want to bring with you. Then, cut that in half.

Reality: 5 Target bags, a full closet, lots of underwear, a mountain of books, and an over-packing gene that I am convinced runs in the family.....Pretty sure cutting it in half won't be enough.

See, who would want to leave this?
4 days to go, people. Pick up that chin from the floor because I need you to pick up MY chin from the floor. I can't believe it's almost here. Kinda freaks a girl out when something that you have been dreaming about for a few years is 4 days away. All my time thinking about it, I was pretty sure that leaving would be all sweet (hold the bitter). Especially for the independent social butterfly my mom says I turned into once I entered kindergarten. However, now that it's here, I am experiencing quite a bit of bittersweet feelings. I am leaving a lot of things behind for four months. A new niece/nephew's birth, a few weddings, friends and family, birthdays, graduations, people leaving (seemingly forever! you know who you are) before I return....only to name a few. On top of what I am leaving behind, I know that I am going to be accosted with seriously wonderful but realistically intense things when I arrive.
Or leave this?!

All this on my emotional plate, I realized that I am packing a lot more than just walking shoes and a whole bunch of hand sanitizer and wet wipes (thanks Mom). I'm packing all my fears, excitement, goodbyes, and sadness. That's gotta put me over the 50 pound weight limit for baggage.

So, here in front of you all, I vow to pack light. Not only physically, but emotionally. I see that I am leaving many wonderful things behind and going towards many fantastic things, but these things will only strengthen what was left behind and bolster what is to come. Right now, I am unpacking every unnecessary item and replacing it with the small, travel size box of trust in the Lord. Oh how many more the blessings.

The vow has been the challenge of actually packing begins. Ah, the woes of packing light.


  1. Buon viaggio, la mia daughter Monica,, alias KAT KAT... I am so happy for you...tears do flow, but they are tears of joy for you and tears of surprise at how fast you have grown up and have now come to this moment of great adventure in your life.... where did time go? You were just in kindergarten... I cried then too..and I will cry Friday when we part ways for a while. But it only because I love you not because I don't want you to have this great exciting life of a time adventure!!! I am so ex ited for you to be able to be going to the Eternal City, where many a saint has walked.. Namely St. Peter, St. Paul and on and on.... So let's fasten our seat belts, sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride for the next 5 months.. I am so very proud of you my little Ms Kat Kat...Take all my hugs and prayers with you and keep them tucked in your heart every moment of everyday, and remember, all things are possible with God! I love you Monica with all my being...Hugs and kisses and buon viaggio!! Love Mamasita!!!

  2. Well today is finally the day...Off you go to Roma!!! The Eternal City.......tears will flow, they are tears to show my love for you and tears of joy for your new life time experience that will be fabulous....So have a blast...and we will see you in June.... Love and hugs to one of the greatest little young ladies I know.... I love you Kat....
    So buon viaggio Mia Kat... Te Amo Mucho.....
    Mamasita Sharon

  3. Well, it is really late at night for you there in Roma, Sat Feb 5.. You are sleeping peacefully I hope.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow, Sunday Feb 6, with all the adventures that Roma has to offer you.

    Pray often, laugh alot, learn everything you can cram into your smart brain, and love every moment of your time in the Eternal City of God.
    We miss you sweet little lady, but are so very happy for you.

    Drop us a line when you have a chance to let us know some fun things you are up to.

    In the meantime, know we love you and are praying for you, and are so very happy for you to be there. And very proud of you too!!!!

    Oh and say hi to Il Papa Benedito XVI when you go to the Papa Audience this Monday, Feb 7.. Well, at least blow him a kiss for me.... Ha!!!

    With all my love to you little Ms. Kat,
    Love Mamasita Sharon