Monday, February 7, 2011

Have you ever had the feeling...

Where I live! Bernardi.
Have you ever had the feeling that you are in a dream and you are just waiting to wake up? That you aren't quite in reality, and you are just kinda chillin' in these moments waiting for the "great pinch" and you will be awake again?

Welp! That's the feeling I am experiencing right now. There is so much in Rome. An overwelming amount of things to do, see, run from etc...Maybe it's the jet lag (which sure is a treat, by the way), but I already see after day 3 that the upcoming adventures will be endless. For example, I was walking around the Angelicum area (the school I am attending), and around the corner what else did I stumble upon but the Colosseum and some Roman ruins. No big deal. Oh also, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain just so happen to be on the everyday path to class. Again, no big deal.

Spanish Steps

Anecdote by some Bernardians: The Spanish Steps are not Spanish. However, there is a Spanish building across from said steps. So, some Bernardians wondered if the steps were dubbed by women. Why, you may ask? Well, due to research and experience, it has been found that women are more prone to use landmarks in giving directions. So, it was proposed that the steps got named when people would ask for directions to them and women would say "oh yes, they are over by the Spanish building". Pretty soon, that phrase probably just morphed into "Spanish Steps". So, there you go. Spring 2011's first Bernardian anecdote. Va bene.

Though I feel like this is still just a field trip and I'll be home in a few weeks, all the veterans say that after the first few weeks of the "honeymoon period", reality truly sets in. You are in Rome. And you are in Rome for a few more months. That is when things start to get hard, so they say. But, you know, I think I am up for the challenge. Prayers accepted. You are all getting them sent your way.

The Angelicum
Anyway, I had class for the first time today (45 minute walk to school everyday! don't worry, it's really not so bad). I gotta say, I am excited for these classes. They are long. They are temperature variant. But they are going to be fabulous.

I wish I had more to say at this point, but like I said. I really am still just chillin' in a dream. But, like the Lizzie Maguire Movie portrayed so wonderfully "This is what dreams are made of" (sorry for those of you who don't get the reference).

Love you all.

God bless you.

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  1. Wonderful photos Ms Monica--thanks so much... Don't you love it all?? There are not enough words to capture the character, charm, beauty, wisdom that is held within the walls of Roma..
    So glad you are getting out and about!!! And loving it too..
    How is the weather? In the 50's ???
    Keep us posted as the photos are lovely...

    Thanks and hugs and kisses.. We miss you but are so excited for you to be able to share in this great experience Dad and I experienced over 30 years ago and 3 of your siblings have also enjoyed it before you too...

    Blessing and prayers of course coming your way all the time..

    Love and many many hugs!! Mamasita Sharon