Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Change is everywhere but there is no change to be had

First annoying and extremely confusing part of the Italian culture:

Exact change is what every vendor wants. If you give them too much, they say give less. If you don't have less, they still say they need less (the language barrier causes problems at this juncture). Oh, and "keep the change" sure doesn't work. It's almost like an insult to them. You'd think, all this time arguing, they could have just pulled out change for you.

But the real conundrum is, how does one get change, if no body gives change?  I have yet to figure out how I will ever have exact change. I guess this is just something I need to change in the way I look at things while I am here in Roma...even though there is no change to be had.

Okay, just a tidbit for the masses. Roma is different than the U.S. Go figure.

More stories about my Roman adventures to come!

Miss you.

Love you.

God bless you.


  1. Ha... Monica that is so funny...."When in Rome!" eh?? you get the idea... You got it...Italy is Italy, not the US..
    So, learn, and be patient while you learn, and love it all...It is so fun to see how different and yet similiar we really are as people....

    So fun to see your posts.. Thanks for keeping it up... I look so forward to hearing from you and seeing the photos...They are great...I love it...

    When you get to see Il Papa Benedito XVI tomorrow, WED, Feb 9 which is only hours way for you since it is 9:45pm there and it is 1:45pm here... I am still at work. You are probably getting ready for bed.. or perhaps out touring the lovely city of Roma until your feet can't walk another mile.... Walk , walk, walk....get use to it...It is part of the culture and it will be good for your heart!! HA..

    Post please some photos of the Visit with Il Papa Benedito XVI tomorrow if you can.. I can't wait to hear about all the excitement...
    Thanks for the other photos... They are so fun to see and brings back so so many memories...

    Loving it....missing you, but this is helping to make you seem just like you are up the highway from us..
    So thanks...

    I am dying to know if you have had a capuccino yet or a gelato or what the temp is? So fill us in on the details when you can, ok???.

    Buon notte mia Monica!!!... Te amo Mucho!!...
    Tus Mamasita....Sharon... (mixing the language if part of the fun!)

  2. Monqueque!!!!!!!!!!
    Ti voglio bene!!

  3. Too true, Mon. Tooooo true :) I just laughed out loud and then read this to Gaby and Molly. So, thank you for that.