Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh hey Rome. So, I’ve been living here for a month now. I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no.

So it has officially been a month (a month I tell you!) since coming to Rome. If anyone else thinks that that is crazy, please stand up because I sure as heck am flabbergasted (partly because I like using that word and partly because it’s actually true). Time is flying by, but it such a fruitful way!
Everyone tells you that living at Bernardi is an excellent place to work on your charity because of the community. Well, they were right, of course, but something has happened to me that I did not really expect. I have found that my heart is not big enough to hold the amount of love that I feel for my fellow Bernardians. My heart is exploding with affection! Every moment I spend with one of them I fall even deeper in love.  Creepy, you may say, but so be it. Now, I’m the type of person who likes to tell my friends I love them and being that half of the people living here are of the male persuasion, I have definitely gotten some funny looks. BUT, it is so true, and I count my blessings everyday to be surrounded by such beautiful and great people.
One of the things that is so fun for me about this group of Bernardians is that everyone (and I mean everyone) has a RIDICULOUS laugh. And when I say ridiculous, I mean AWESOME. My favorite thing to do is laugh, and I can’t tell you how many times I laugh during a day. Whether it is because I am part of the comical situation, or I hear someone else laugh across the room and then promptly erupt in my own fit of laughter just because that person’s laugh is so infectous. I seriously cannot describe to you the joy that is always oozing out of the Bernardi walls.
Classes are going well, but anyone reading this planning on doing this Rome program, get ready to be torn! Because I don’t know about other semesters, but we definitely have a lot of homework and absolutely no time to do it. Our faculty advisor Dr. Coulter has definitely made clear that homework is an obligation, not an opportunity, a plentiful amount of times. He warns us with anecdotes revolving around things such as swing dancing, rosaries, and the Holy Father. So, while the classes have been really amazing and the knowledge that I’m gaining is invaluable, the availability to do the homework for the class presents only the slightest of challenges (though it would be considered a large challenge for Dr. Coulter but, va bene).

After reading all this rainbow and butterfly mumbo jumbo you might be thinking, “LIES!! No way it is that great”.  But alas, it is so true. Of course, it does not come without its challenges, and I know they will continue to come. I have already learned an enormous amount about myself, and the Lord has truly been working in my life. I am very interested in seeing how He keeps moving my heart. Little known fact, He loves you.
A quick prayer request to all your readers. So, a lot of the chaplaincy has asked me how community life is and if I have been annoyed or had trouble with people yet. After I thought about this for a little bit, I realized that while of course there are the little small things that might annoy us from time to time, I really haven’t been troubled by anyone in my community. But, then I realized that that probably means that I am the one who is troubling others. I am the one causing charity to grow in the hearts of my brothers and sisters. So, pray that I may love my community…buuuut probs pray more that my community may love me. 


  1. So cool Monica! I love that you tell everyone that you love them. I think you probably fit right in there in Europe as Europeans (in my experience) are more affectionate and open like that. :-)

    I believe that it's been a month because I miss you all a ton! It's just crazy to think you've been gone that long. Eat some gelato for me (if you haven't given it up for Lent that is...) and know I am praying for you and hoping to put something in the mail soooonish!

  2. What a fabulous writer you are my little Ms Kat Kat. I have enjoyed reading this page so much.. You have a great talent in putting life into words.. You are quite gifted... Thanks for all you share and for you willingness to share yourself so openly..

    I am reading the book about St. Therese of Lisieux " called I Believe in Love" by a priest, and most of all that she talks about is how God wants to show us His Great love for each of us and how He wants US to show our great love for others in small ways even.. That pleases His heart so much...

    So while your other Bernardians may think you are funny for being so are nonetheless, pleasing the heart of Jesus. even in small ways by saying I love you!!!. This makes Jesus smile...

    So, keep that precious loving spirit about you that you have always had, and continue to share God's great love with the "world! " The world needs God's great love and God wants you to show it for Him... and it sounds like your sweet smile, and laughter is doing a great deal to help bring that about...especially during Lent.. What a gift of love you are my dear little lady!!!

    I am proud of you for being so open to all God is teaching you through your classmates, professors and your cold experiences. Jesus is proud of you too..

    Miss you much... I can believe it has been a Month!!! seems like longer than that.... But, keep up the great work and learn as much as you can, and eat as much gelato as you can, and several bites for me..HA...
    now giving up Gelato in Lent when you are in Roma is not a smart thing to do, because when do you think you will ever get to go back to Roma soon and eat gelato? For sure don't give gelato up this Lent!!..

    Keep up your writing.. I am glad I discovered that you had been writing... Some how I have missed the past few blogs.... And even Lorena said, I didn't think Monica could keep blogging being she is so busy.... Well, she probably too hasn't seen these blogs!!!!! I will have to tell her to ck them again...

    Well dear Kat Kat...blessings on your day or evening whichever it is there.. Can't wait to read you next blogs.. Wondering where you are off to next... How very very exciting for you!! Have a blast....and too....sounds like a must!!! I am proud of you...

    Write more as soon as you can...until then,
    ciao mia Monica....

    Love , hugs and laughter coming your way..

    Love Mamasita

  3. Mo, Mo!

    It is great to read about your travels. It is so funny how different and how similar our trips sound. One thing I have to say is that we did NOT have a ton of, I am sorry for you. Or maybe we did and I just didn't do it?:)

    I love you, sister and miss you!