Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gone in 60 seconds...

So I was sure that my blogging days were over after I hadn't blogged for like 2 months. But, my friend, and wise counselor, told me that I needed to accept that the last two months of blogging were gone, and just start fresh.

Since I have a problem letting things go, I am making a compromise. I am going to try and sum up the last 2 months in 60 seconds.



Started doing Apostolic Outreach with the Missionaries of Charity!!
Bologna with Dr. Liz Lev. Froze my butt off, but it was rather pretty.
I went to Assisi. Che bello! St. Francis=baller
Lent Begins! Station Churches. Wakin' up at 5am to make it to Mass in English. Amazing.
Amalfi Coast with roommates. It is my favorite place ever. So so so unbelievably beautiful.
Visited major basilicas in Roma! Oh yeah.
Sister Josefine's (from the Chaplaincy) vows. Such a cool experience.
Amalfi Coast



-Silent Retreat with Fr. Carola. The Lord blessed it abundantly. Our Father loves us so much!
-Found out I am a Godmother!!
-Holy Stairs and Cupola extravaganza. Basically we walked around Rome for 8 hours.
-Nettuno to see the Sea and St. Maria Goretti's body! Woot woot!
-Dinner made for Bernardian's at the North American College Seminary. It was so good. Peanut butter cheesecake. Enough said.
        --Poland. It was so amazing.
        --Loreto and Ancona. Beautiful and Sketchy.
-Holy Week. Catholics are crazy.
-Easter. Best Bernardi bonding ever.
-Bike trip through Tuscany. My butt has never hurt more.

Silent Retreat (pre-silence)

Dinner at the NAC


Old Town--Krakow, Poland

In line 7 hours early for Easter Vigil at St. Peter's

Bernardi Crew on Easter Sunday

Bike Tour through Tuscany

Gone in 60 seconds...

Christ is Resurrected in your heart! Rejoice!


  1. Thanks for the update... Lovely photos.

    Love, hugs, and kisses....


  2. You are so beautiful Monica!!! It sounds like your time in Rome has been full of tremendous blessings. I can't imagine how sore you must have been after your bike ride. I did spinning at Corepower on Sunday and I am still sore. Haha!!!! I feel ya sister.

    And congrats on being a Godmother, what a blessing!!! What is your Godchild's name?! Boys or girl?